The Future Space Exploration Missions of Russia

時間:2017.05.26(五) 15:00 ~ 17:00
地點:香港理工大學 M1603
講者:Prof. Lev Zelenyi

Currently Russia together with the European Space Agency, is working on the EXOMARS program which is devoted to the search for extinct (or even present) primitive life on Mars. This activity was motivated both by earlier findings of a significant amount of subsurface water in certain Martian regions and the recent discovery of the methane eruptions to the Martian atmosphere. The Russian Lunar program includes several landers (LUNA-25, LUNA-27 and LUNA-28) to explore the south polar regions of the Moon with their permafrost deposits, and one orbiter (LUNA-26) to investigate space plasma in the Lunar vicinity. The main scientific tasks of the Lunar program will ba the study of mineralogical, chemical, elemental and isotopic content of the regolith and search for volatiles in the regolith of the polar areas; investigation plasma, neutral and dust exosphere and interaction of the space environment with Lunar surface at the poles. The inner structure of the Moon will be also studied by seismic, radio and laser ranging methods.

此活動由香港天文學會 理論天文組主辦。


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