Spring 2024 Physics Colloquium:- Non-thermal Coronal Magnetic Activity in Nearby Seyferts

Central supermassive black holes of Active Galactic Nuclei(AGNs) host hot plasma with a temperature of 10⁹ K, namely coronae. Like the Sun, black hole coronae are theoretically believed to be heated by their magnetic activity. However, such activity has not been observed yet. In this talk, the speaker will report the detection of coronal magnetic activity in nearby AGNs using Atacama Large Millimeter Array(ALMA radio telescopes). The coronal magnetic fields are typically ~10G on scales of ~40 Schwarzschild radii. The measured magnetic field is weaker than the theoretical expectation, requiring a new corona heating mechanism. He will also discuss particle acceleration processes in the coronae of Seyferts, which may be the production sites of the high energy neutrinos seen by IceCube.

時間:2024.02.28(三) 17:00
地點:香港大學 周亦卿樓* CBC, LG1/F
講者:Prof. Yoshiyuki INOUE 井上芳幸 教授 (Department of Earth and Space Science, Osaka University**)



*Chow Yei Ching Building



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