Webinar: Toward Mars and Beyond

2021 will be remembered as the year of Mars. Three missions from three different countries have reached the Red Planet to probe different aspects of the Martian environment and pave the way for the first human settlers.

As new images flow from space, netizens are keeping their eyes on their screens, ultimately trying to answer the question of when Terrans will colonise the Red Planet!

Italy has a unique role in this. The fascination with Mars started with the observation of Schiaparelli during the Great Opposition of 1877, when many imagined the planet as riddled with canals(that is artificial channels) and with its own system of oceans and continents, speculations that not even the Mariner program with its flybys was able to smother completely.

But Italian involvement has not ended with Schiaparelli, as many researchers and institutions are still at the forefront, pushing the technology and the scientific research ahead to widen our knowledge about the Red Planet.

時間:2021.04.30(五) 15:00~17:00


【此訊息見自 香港太空館,屬轉載訊息,以主事單位發佈為準】



此活動由Italian Chamber of Commerce主辦。


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