Fundamental Physics from Gravitational Waves

Following the direct discovery of gravitational waves(GWs) by LIGO and Virgo, there are many opportunities to probe fundamental physics using GWs. These include using GWs from astrophysical sources to constrain the graviton mass and search for Lorentz violation, as well as searching for GWs from dark matter in merging neutron stars, from first-order phase transitions in the early Universe, and from loops of cosmic strings, as may be hinted by recent data from the NANOGrav pulsar timing array. The roles that could be played by atom interferometers measuring GWs in the mid-frequency band between LIGO/Virgo and LISA will be highlighted.

時間:2021.04.29(四) 21:00
講者:John Ellis (King’s College London)

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“Copernicus Webinar and Colloquium Series”: To promote scientific discussions during this pandemic, they are organizing an online seminar series, i.e. Copernicus Webinar Series, seeking the most outstanding speakers to introduce innovative ideas and important progress in the field of gravity and cosmology. This series is named after the famous Polish Astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus, whose discovery eventually marked the dawn of modern science.


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