Seminar:- Experimental Challenge to Type II Supernovae; the .p-Process 
Nuclear reactions play a very crucial role in the evolution of the universe, producing the major energies and the most elements of the universe. Nucleosynthesis of supernovae is one of the major contributors for the chemical evolution, and also is one of the key clues to investigate the explosion mechanism of supernovae, although the explosion mechanism has not been well understood yet. The element production changes drastically depending on the environment of supernovae. One of the important scenarios of explosive nucleosynthesis is the .p-process, which may run, at the very early epoch, through very proton-rich unstable nuclear region of the nuclear chart where nuclear physics is still very poorly investigated. The nucleosyntheses there can be investigated using high-quality proton-rich unstable nuclear beams. Experimental efforts to investigate such crucial stellar nuclear reactions will be discussed. 
時間:2016.04.14(四) 16:00
地點:香港大學 莊月明物理樓 522室 
講者:Prof. Shigeru KUBONO (RIKEN Nishina Center; Institute of Modern Physics, CAS, China; CNS, the University of Tokyo)