HKAS Open Workshop: High Resolution Planetary Imaging Workflow

香港天文學會公開免費工作坊 (英文講授),


我們很榮幸再次邀請到國際著名行星觀測者Christopher Go來港為各位會員及本地天文同好主持行星拍攝工作坊。繼去年8月份他在講座中為我們介紹了有關利用哈勃太空望遠鏡拍攝的點滴及JUNO 計劃, 今次工作坊將會集中介紹業餘行星拍攝的流程及相關進階方法, 是目前最頂級的行星攝影技術,各位萬勿錯過。

日期: 2017年3月12日

時間: 晚上6時至9時

主題: 高解像行星攝影流程

講者: Christopher Go

地點: 可觀自然教育中心暨天文館 (說地廳)

主持: 吳偉堅(香港天文學會副會長)

名額: 70 (免費)



HKAS Open Workshop (Conducted in English)

Co-organizer: Hokoon Nature Education Cum Astronomical Centre

It is our great honour to invite Mr. Christopher, world renowned planetary observer to visit us again and conduct a planetary imaging workshop for HKAS members and local amateur astronomers. Further to the great success of the lecture conducted by Chris last year regarding his imaging experience with using Hubble Space Telescope and JUNO mission support, this time he will introduce the practical approach of the advanced planetary imaging workflow and method. Don’t miss the chance, free registration quota up to 70.

Date: March 12, 2017
Time: 18:00-21:00
Topic: High Resolution Planetary Imaging Workflow

Speaker: Christopher Go

Venue: Hokoon Nature Education Cum Astronomical Centre
Moderator: Eric Ng, Vice President of HKAS

Quota: 70 (Free registration)


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