《Henri Poincaré的狹義相對論》研討會

Seminar:- Henri Poincaré’s Special Theory of Relativity

In this talk, the speaker will systematically introduce the mental journey of Henri Poincaré in establishing the special theory of relativity. It includes the following:

●The mathematical structure of 2+1 dimensional pseudo-Euclidean geometry in 1881;
●The viewpoint on the existence of ether in 1888;
●Issues regarding time measurement, the postulate of the constancy of the speed of light, and the problem of simultaneity at different locations in 1898;
●The principle of total momentum conservation for matters and electromagnetic field in 1900, a beam of electromagnetic radiation equivalent to a hypothetical fluid with inertia m=E/c², and a method proposed for synchronizing clocks at different locations using light signals, resulting in the time transformation formula under first-order approximation: t’=t-vx/c²;
●The principle of relativity in classical mechanics and the unobservability of Earth’s motion relative to the ether in 1902; the relativity of simultaneity;
●The complete statement of the principle of relativity in 1904;
●The pseudo-Euclidean geometry structure and the Lorentz transformation as a four-dimensional spacetime rotation around the origin, which together with spatial rotation forms the Lorentz group, published in two articles on June 5 and July 23 in 1905. The relativistic velocity addition rule; mathematical formulas for length contraction, time dilation, and the relativity of simultaneity at different locations; the complete covariance of electrodynamics; the relativistic principle of least action; the Lorentz group symmetry of physical laws; and the relativistic motion equations for electrons.

時間:2024.04.18(四) 14:30~15:30
地點:香港中文大學 科學館北座 G25室
講者:Prof. JIN Xiao-Feng 金晓峰 教授 (中国上海 复旦大学* 物理系)



*Fudan University



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