“Tomorrow’s Technologies Today” International NewSpace Conference

Delve into inspiring discussions with esteemed international and local experts who will unveil the Future of Space. Discover how your business can align with the booming NewSpace sector. Gain insights into the dynamic space industry’s impact on the Greater Bay Area, with visionary perspectives aligned with China’s 14th 5-Year Plan and Hong Kong’s I&T Blueprint.

時間:2023.10.20(四) 09:00~17:30
地點:香港數碼港道100號 數碼港3座 1-3號多功能-培訓室

◎Morning session: Discover the boundless potential of the NewSpace industry
Join groundbreaking discussions on its impact and witness Hong Kong’s rise in space technology and innnovation, connecting with existing industries
●How OASA started at Cyberport, and why should Astropreneurshipbegin here?
●China's Space Policy and Developments and Implications for the Local Industries
●Building Mini Satellites in Hong Kong and Greater Bay
●Everything happens somewhere - Connecting spatial information with Common Spatial Data Infrastructure(CSDI)
●Tomorrow's Talents Today: Grounding Space Technologies and Talents Today
●The Space Industry and Where Would Future Talents Come From
●Are there Aliens out there and what does this has to do with NewSpace?
●My Dream: Young Persons with Dreams of Space"Growing algae in the International Space Station(ISS)

◎Noon session: Make the most of your lunch break and satisfy your thirst for knowledge
The lunch break offers a unique opportunity to expand your horizons with a series of different engaging sessions of 30 minutes each to choose from
●Connecting to Space from Indoor
●Protecting and Insuring You with the Power of GPS
●NewSpace and Precision Agriculture
●Edge Computing in Space
●Spacecraft Repairs: 3D Printing in Space- How aircraft repairs use using space technologies to print aircraft parts
●Space Food: How Seaweeds grown in space and on earth will mitigate climate change? (Someone from the food or Space food industry)
●Space Tourism: Space Tourism Isn’t Science Fiction Anymore
●Space Law, Mediation and Arbitration: Launch Rockets, not Rocks at Your Space Partners

◎Afternoon session: Space Unleashed- Exploring Opportunities and Connectivity
In the afternoon, participants will join one of the four themes, engaging in deeper topic discussions with experts logging in from around the world
●Satellite Observations as the Sentinel for Climate Actions
●Putting Data Centres into Orbit, the Next Game-Changer?
●Smart City Coming of Age with NewSpace
●Unreasonable Entrepreneurship
●China Space: China's Rising Commercial Space Sector and Opportunities for Hong Kong
●Singapore Space: Grounding space for a city like Hong Kong
●Japan Space: Bringing NewSpace to a Great City
●Middle East Space: Catching Up to Smart Cities



First International NewSpace Conference in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area to Ground Space Technologies, an inspiring one-day hybrid conference exploring developments and opportunities in the NewSpace industry. Engage with leading experts and visionaries shaping the future of the space sector and its impact across industries.

The Orion Astropreneur Space Academy in Hong Kong(OSAS HK) is an independent, non-political, and not-for-profit action-oriented leadership development academy for global young leaders with stellar and outer space aspirations. The Academy is a member of the global leadership development initiatives with other space onboarding and offboarding institutions such as Singularity University in Silicon Valley, the Laboratory for Space Research at the University of Hong Kong, and other forward-looking and space-related institutions.



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