Webinar〝Fuzzy Fields for Cosmic Conundrums〞

High-energy particle theory motivates that a very light (m‹‹10^-12 eV) field may exist, in addition to the usual standard model spectrum. If so, such a field could contribute to the dark matter and dark energy of the universe at a broad range of epochs. In this talk, the speaker will explore the impact of such a field as a dark matter component (though its impact on Cosmic Microwave background(CMB) anisotropies), as a contributor to late-time acceleration or early dark energy components, and as a field driving evolution in the fundamental constants of nature. He will connect theory to observations, and perhaps preview the promise of future CMB and other cosmological experiments.

時間:2023.03.03(五) 22:00~23:15
頻道:Zoom ID:421-480-1692 ← cosmology
講者:Daniel Grin (Haverford College)





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