Webinar〝Cosmology via holography〞

The speaker describes how the standard tools of holography might be used to define microscopic models of big-bang cosmology. He and his team consider models where a bubble of the cosmological spacetime is embedded in an asymptotically AdS spacetime, and models where an asymptotically AdS Euclidean spacetime obtained by analytically continuing the cosmological spacetime is described via a Euclidean CFT construction. While the effective field theories the research team considers have negative cosmological constant, they can describe realistic accelerating cosmologies via the positive potential energy of time-dependent scalar fields.

時間:2023.03.21(二) 23:30~24:50
頻道:Zoom ID:421-480-1692 ← cosmology
講者:Mark Van Raamsdonk (University of British Columbia)





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