Webinar〝Is our Universe geometrical after all?〞

After decades, we still lack a proper understanding of the quantum nature of gravity. Nonetheless, we have already seen many theoretical hints that gravity does not easily fit in the quantum mechanical framework. In this talk, the speaker will discuss the issues associated with gravitating vacuum energy and take that as empirical evidence of the breakdown of Quantum field theory(QFT) in the presence of gravity. Then, he will argue for a radical alternative where space(-time) is completely emergent from quantum mechanics alone, defined for finite-dimensional Hilbert spaces. After briefly reviewing how spacetime can be emergent, the speaker will sketch a new research program that establishes experimental signatures to test the emergent nature of spacetime.

時間:2022.12.06(二) 22:00~23:20
頻道:(網上講授)Zoom ID:421-480-1692 ← cosmology
講者:Guilherme Franzmann(Nordita- Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics 北歐理論物理研究所)




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