Colloquium《Tension in the Hubble Constant: Is There a Crisis in Cosmology?》

Colloquium:- Tension in the Hubble Constant: Is There a Crisis in Cosmology?

An important and unresolved question in cosmology today is whether there is new physics that is missing from our current standard Lambda Cold Dark Matter(LCDM) model. Recent measurements of the Hubble constant, Ho -- based on Cepheids and Type Ia supernovae(SNe) -- are discrepant at the 4~5-sigma level with values of Ho inferred from measurements of fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background(CMB). The latter assumes LCDM, and the former assumes that systematics have been fully accounted for. If real, the current discrepancy could be signaling a new physical property of the universe. The speaker will present new results based on an independent calibration of SNe Ho based on measurements of the Tip of the Red Giant Branch(TRGB). The TRGB marks the luminosity at which the core helium flash in low-mass stars occurs and provides an excellent standard candle. Moreover, the TRGB method is less susceptible to extinction by dust, to metallicity effects, and to crowding/blending effects than Cepheid variable stars. The speaker will address the current uncertainties in both the TRGB and Cepheid distance scales, as well as discuss the current tension in Ho and whether there is need for additional physics beyond the standard LCDM model.

時間:2021.10.28(四) 21:00~22:20
頻道:(網上講授)Zoom ID:942-338-0685←gravity
講者:Wendy Freedman(The University of Chicago)



“Copernicus Webinar and Colloquium Series”: To promote scientific discussions during this pandemic, they are organizing an online seminar series, i.e. Copernicus Webinar Series, seeking the most outstanding speakers to introduce innovative ideas and important progress in the field of gravity and cosmology. This series is named after the famous Polish Astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus, whose discovery eventually marked the dawn of modern science.


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