Mapping the Milky Way Galaxy with Deep Learning using Big Spectroscopic Data 並用光譜大數據及深度學習繪測銀河系

時間:2019.05.14(二) 19:00~20:15
內容簡介:Deep learning with artificial neural networks is increasingly gaining attention, because of its potential for data-driven astronomy characterized by large surveys and big data sets. I will introduce the basic methodology of artificial neural network and introduce large scale big data surveys like Gaia and APOGEE. I will talk about my research on how deep learning helps us to map our Milky Way beyond Gaia to the edge of the galaxy and the galactic center. The information we get from our neural network models will help to constraint our galaxy formation history.

使用人工神經網絡的深度學習在天文學越來越受到關注,因為它具有潛力應用在現有的大型巡天及天文觀測的大數據。 我將介紹人工神經網絡的基本,並介紹Gaia和APOGEE等大型巡天。 我將談及我的研究如何應用深度學習繪測蓋亞觀測範圍以外銀河系的邊緣及銀河中心,人工神經網絡的資訊有助我們了解星系形成歷史

此活動由香港天文學會 理論天文組主辦。

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