Seminar:- The Partition Function of 3D Gravity from Chern-Simons Theory 
It remains an open question whether pure gravity in three dimensions with a negative cosmological constant can exist as a quantum theory. A way to explore this is to compute the partition function semi-classically as a Euclidean path integral. It has been known that summing only over real Euclidean geometries results in a quantity that is pathological as a partition function. One conjecture, among others, is that complex geometries might also contribute. Such possibility is naturally formulated in the first-order formalism of gravity as a Chern-Simons Theory. It is then necessary to be able to evaluate the Euclidean Chern-Simons path integral perturbatively. It will be demonstrated to one-loop that, already for the simplest geometry, i.e. pure Anti-de Sitter(AdS), non-trivial analytic continuations must be performed in order that the Euclidean Chern-Simons path integral can be identified as the gravity partition function.
時間:2019.05.30(四) 10:45
地點:香港科技大學 李兆基校園 盧家驄薈萃樓 高研院4042室
講者:Cedric YU(New York University)


此活動由香港科技大學 賽馬會高等研究院主辦。

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