Seminar:- Hydrodynamics Simulations and Nucleosynthesis of Type Ia Supernovae and Electron-capture Supernovae 
In the first part of the talk, the speaker will present updates on Type Ia supernovae (SNIa) and their nucleosynthesis. He carry out multi-dimensional simulations of SNIa using the turbulent deflagration models with delayed detonation transition. By spanning the physics parameters of SNIa, a database of the nucleosynthesis data for SNIa is built. Based on the database, we can predict the progenitor properties of some well observed SNIa or their remnants. The influence of our SNIa models to the galactic chemical enrichment process is also discussed.
In the second part of the talk, the speaker will cover the hydrodynamics simulations and nucleosynthesis of electron-capture supernova. A main-sequence star of mass 8 – 10 solar mass evolves to form a degenerate oxygen-neon-magnesium (ONeMg) core. The subsequent electron capture in the core triggers the oxygen-neon deflagration. However, it is unclear whether such explosion can disrupt the ONeMg core or lead to the collapse, which forms a neutron star. The speaker carry out multi-dimensional hydrodynamics simulations for the ONeMg core using the turbulent deflagration model. He will discuss the conditions for the onset of collapse and will present also the chemical signature for the models which fail to collapse.
時間:2016.11.30(三) 15:30 ~ 16:15 
地點:香港中文大學 科學館北座LG23 
講者:梁成志 博士 Dr. Shing Chi LEUNG (日本 東京大學 Kavli宇宙數學與物理研究機構) 




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